Get 4 weeks FREE membership with any Combined Hospital & Extras Cover. T&Cs apply.

Q: What do I do if I lose my ACA Health Membership Card?


If you lose your membership card, don’t panic! Just contact us to let us know and we will order you a replacement card.

Q: What happens if there is a change in student dependent status?


If your child aged over 21 stops studying, goes to part-time study, gets married, or starts earning over the tax-free threshold, you need to tell us in writing as they can no longer be covered under your standard family membership.

Your child can choose to have their own policy, with no waiting periods, provided they join with ACA Health within two months of coming off your membership.

Alternatively, the Dependent Extension product allows unmarried children from the age of 21 and under 31 who are no longer studying full-time, to stay on the Family Membership. By taking out the Dependent Extension, the membership premium is increased by 30%.

The Dependent Extension option is only available on combined covers below;

  • Gold Deluxe Hospital and Complete Ancillary
  • Gold Deluxe Hospital and Ancillary Lite
  • Gold Private Hospital and Complete Ancillary
  • Gold Private Hospital and Ancillary Lite

Q: Can my defacto partner be covered under my membership?


Yes, defacto partners can be covered under a family membership.

Q: How do I add a baby or a new dependant to my family membership?


All you need to do is complete a Membership Change Form with the details of the new dependent to be added by logging onto your member account via Online Member Services.

Q: Do I get any discounts with partner companies?


Members of ACA Health are eligible for a number of discounts at a range of optical providers on both prescription and non-prescription products. *Simply present your ACA Health membership card when making a purchase.

Click on the links below to see the discounts available:

*ACA Health Benefits are only paid on prescription services, however you may still be eligible for any applicable discounts on non-prescription products.  Please contact the appropriate optical provider for more information on the offers.

ACA Health’s Travel Insurance Partner also offers members travel insurance at a discount! Click here for more information about this offer.

Q: What happens if I am going to live overseas?


Members are still eligible to remain with ACA Health when moving overseas, and are still eligible to receive benefits for treatments received in Australia. However, it is strongly recommended that private health insurance cover is organised within the country of residence to take care of treatments received overseas.

Members of ACA Health who are moving overseas for more than four months may instead wish to request ACA Health have their membership suspended, which can be lodged through online member services.

Q: Can I manage my membership online?


With ACA Health’s Online Member Services you can access a range of online services at a time convenient to you, including:

  • check your ‘limit usage’ − how much you have already claimed for extras items, and how much you still have left for that calendar year
  • change your contact details
  • change your payment/bank account details
  • change your type of cover
  • add a partner/child to your membership
  • make a credit card payment
  • view your membership details
  • make a claim
  • find a provider
  • download your tax statement or claims history.

Q: What happens if my family circumstances change (e.g. divorce, children)?


All you need to do is complete an online Membership Change Form with the details of the new dependent/person to be added or removed from the policy.