Email Claiming

Man at computer
  1. Download the Claim Form
  2. Save the form to your computer and open in a PDF viewer* or print the form and fill in the empty boxes. If you have filled in the form digitally, make sure you save a copy of the completed form as you will need this for step four.
  3. Scan or take photos of the items you wish to claim – check that the items you have scanned or photographed are clear and legible. See below the form for more details.
  4. Attach the completed form and the scanned or photographed items you wish to claim to a single email and send to

Tips for Claiming

  • Check that the scan or photo of the item you wish to claim is legible and that all details can be clearly seen. You may need to scan/photograph both sides of some items if they are double sided or if your provider has stamped the back. Generally we need the date of the service/purchase, the name and registration number of your provider, the name of the person who received the service or product, and a description of the item being claimed. We may require additional details for claiming on some items such as a Doctor’s letter. This is common when claiming on appliances so call our Customer Service Representative to confirm requirements before submitting your claim.
  • Please ensure the receipt is not cut or ripped on or near the above key areas and that no details have been cut off by the scanner. If you send us a scan/photo that is missing details or that we can’t read, we’ll email you back and ask for a new scan or photo, letting you know what you can do to help us process your claim successfully.
  • If you want to claim only some items on a larger receipt, please do this by marking those items with an asterisk or underlining them. Please DO NOT highlight these items as highlighted items generally become illegible in our software.
  • Please email the Claim Form and receipts of all the items you want to claim in a single email. Receipts that are emailed without a Claim Form will not be processed until a Claim Form has been submitted.

*To download a free PDF Viewer please click here.