Q: Does ACA Health offer travel Insurance?


We are pleased to announce that our new partner QBE Travel Insurance is now offering ACA Health members travel insurance!


Whether you are travelling in Australia or overseas, travel insurance saves you the worry of unexpected medical and travel expenses if things do not go according to plan. QBE Travel Insurance covers you for the following:

  • overseas medical and dental expenses
  • cancellation or holiday deferment
  • emergency travel arrangements and accommodation
  • lost or stolen luggage, personal effects, travel documents and money
  • rental vehicle accident excess
  • claims excess options
  • most sporting/entertainment activities
  • extra travel covers also available, including travel delay, missed connection, legal expenses and more.

Terms, conditions and acceptance criteria apply. Remember, ACA Health can’t pay benefits on medical expenses incurred overseas, so for peace of mind, it’s a good idea to invest in travel insurance that covers you while travelling both internationally and within Australia. Please note that the special discount is only available to ACA Health members who purchase this travel insurance online. If you are travelling overseas for more than 4 months, you could also save money by suspending your ACA Health membership by calling the team on 1300 368 390 or completing a suspension form. When making decisions about your travel insurance, please read and consider the provider’s Product Disclosure Statement carefully. Policy arranged by ACA Health Benefits Fund Limited (AR number 341511) an Authorised Representative of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited. Policy underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited ABN 78 003 191 035 (AFSL 239545).

Q: Are there government incentives for joining a private healthcare fund?


In recognition of the contribution that those with private health insurance are making to their own healthcare costs, the Federal Government provides a rebate on health insurance to all Australians eligible for Medicare.

You can receive the rebate as either:

  • a premium reduction through ACA Health Benefits Fund; or
  • a refundable tax rebate in your annual tax return

The rebate is age and income tested. Please click here for age and income tier levels.

Q: Why isn’t Medicare enough?


Medicare offers you treatment in a public hospital and that may mean a long waiting list. You will also not be able to choose your own healthcare provider.

If you choose to be a self-insured private patient, Medicare pays a percentage of the schedule fees for private inpatient medical treatment such as those provided by surgeons and anesthetists. As their fees can often be well above the scheduled fees, the resulting gap for you to pay can sometimes be quite large.

Finally, Medicare doesn’t cover those ‘extras’ which arise in life such as dental, optical, and physio treatments.



Q: Why do I need private health insurance?


Only private health insurance can give you the freedom and control to decide when, where and by whom, hospital and general treatments will be provided to you and your family.

With private health insurance, you gain the benefits of:

  • shortened or no waiting lists
  • coverage for the ‘medical gap’ balance – the payment required after the Medicare benefit and the schedule for private in-hospital medical services
  • extras, such as dental, optical and orthodontic, physiotherapy, ambulance and many other important services.