2020 has been a difficult year for all in travel. COVID-19 has caused havoc and as we are all aware, the future of travel is still unknown. With this in mind, TravelCard has made the difficult decision to pause operations and put the business into hibernation.

For brokers, this means we are no longer selling Corporate travel insurance – new business effective 19 October 2020 and renewals with due dates on or after 1 December 2020. Leisure travel insurance sales ceased some months ago.   A team of TravelCard staff, with the support of our underwriter Hollard, will continue to service current policies and process existing and new claims for the next 15 months as we run-off our active policies.

It is our intention to restart the business when international travel resumes in material volume.

TravelCard began with the hope to change the travel insurance industry and make travel easier. We appreciate the support you have given us, and we are disappointed not to be able to continue the journey forward with you at this point in time.

Corporate Travel

  • We will not be offering renewal terms on policies with a due date on or after 1 December 2020
  • We will honour any New Business quotes provided in the last 30 days but will not be quoting any New Business from today – 19 October 2020
  • Policies currently in force will remain valid up until the period of insurance ends
  • A small TravelCard team and our underwriter Hollard will remain working for the next 15 months to service current policies as we run down operations
  • Coverage will continue as per the policy terms and conditions including claims
  • As business operations will continue to service all current policies through to the end of their period of insurance, there is no need to cancel the policy before the current expiry date. However, if you wish to, the standard Corporate Travel cancellation process will apply. Please contact the TravelCard team to discuss your options
  • Key Contact for Corporate Travel products is the Partner Support Team contact details below

Leisure Travel

  • We stopped writing any new Single Trip Leisure, Annual Multi-Trip Leisure or Business Class for Employees Leisure Travel policies in June 2020 and this will continue
  • We will be making contact with any customers that have in force policies to advise of the cancellation and refund process in coming weeks to see if they would like to take that option
  • COVID-19 amended Cancel and Refund process
    • As per guidance from AFCA on Leisure Travel Insurance policies, we back date our cancellations to 3/3/2020 and pro-rata the refund if it falls outside the ‘cooling off period’
  • Key Contact for Leisure Travel products is the Partner Support Team contact details below


  • Our claims management will also continue as normal with TravelCard continuing to process existing claims until finalisation as per policy terms and conditions
  • Any unsubmitted claims, should be sent to as soon as possible for them to be assessed and processed (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy wording)
  • Future valid claims will also be assessed as per standard process by the team
  • On-trip assistance will remain available 24/7 for each active policy
  • Key Contact for claims is the Claims Team, contact details below

Accounts Receivable

  • Accounting and Commission Remittance will continue as normal
  • This includes the remittance of outstanding Corporate Travel premiums to TravelCard and commission owed on Leisure Travel products
  • Key Contact for any accounting questions is the Accounts Team contact details below

We would like to sincerely thank you for your support and partnership with TravelCard. As we look into the future with the intention to restart TravelCard, when international travel regains material levels, we hope to work with you again.

Please be patient with us, as we expect many inquiries.  All enquiries should be directed to TravelCard, not Hollard.

The best contact for brokers is the partner support team:
Partner Support Team Phone – 1300 123 413
Email –
ComplaintsEmail –
Customer supportEmail –
Phone – +61 2 7909 2777
ClaimsEmail –
Phone – Whilst travelling overseas | +61 2 7909 2777
Phone – Whilst in Australia | 1300 123 413
On trip assistancePhone – +61 2 7909 2777