Avondale College Teacher’s Resource 2018

Each year ACA Health supports final year education students at Avondale College in a Health Resource Project. This year, they developed resources to teach primary aged children about Cyber Bulling and the effects it has on physical and emotional health.

The winning resources are available to all Adventist Primary Schools in Australia and New Zealand classrooms to educate children on the effects of Cyber Bulling.

We would like to congratulate the winner of this year’s project:

The ACA Health Choice Award winner Elizabeth Meehan for the production of #ChooseCyberKind, a Primary School resource to educate students on the Cyber Bullying and how to correctly respond to it. To download this resource, click here

Renee Garbett & Luke Nield for Production Quality Award
Karina Swan for Best Activity Award
Claire Day Best also for Activity Award
Amelia Maki-Neste for Original Idea Award

Order Now! ACA Health also offer our members a copy of the winning resources. Email or call us to order your FREE resource.

Posted: August 6 2018