Is Your Local Church Missing Out On ACA Health’s Fundraising Opportunity?

If your local church is located in the Greater Sydney Conference* they can register to raise funds through the ACA Health Shop & Share Savings Program.

Our aim is not only to help our members save on their every day living expenses, but to also help raise money for their local church so we encourage you to have your church participate to reap the benefits.

We’ve had a number of Local Churches join the Shop & Share Savings Program raising funds for community projects like Pathfinders/Adventurers, local outreach activity, local church building fund, local church school, etc.

Don’t miss out on fundraising for your local church!

Here’s what you need to do.

Contact your Head Elder/Treasurer or Pastor and ask them to invite ACA Health to your next Church Board or Business Meeting by emailing

Registration is FREE!

Benefits are big!

Because we care…