New Maternity Benefits!

Under Complete Ancillary family cover, mothers-to-be and new mothers can now access a range of new benefits to help families meet the costs associated with having a baby. Changes are effective retrospectively for services from 1 July 2009.

Previously benefits were available just for pre-natal classes, with a benefit of up to $18 per class. The new benefits are now available for the following services/items:

  • Pre & Post Natal Classes
  • Settling Classes
  • Lactation Consultations
  • Appliances for hire or purchase
  • Blood Glucose Monitor
  • TENS Machine
  • TED stockings
  • Breast Pump
  • Infant Sound and Respiartory Monitor (to help in the prevention of SIDS)

Benefits available are 80% of the cost, up to a maximum of $500 per family membership.

Waiting periods are for 2 months for classes and consultations, and 12 months for the appliances.

The new maternity benefits were a result of feedback in our past surveys.

Other pregnancy related benefits already available that you might not have thought about…

Deluxe / Private Hospital:

  • Residential care (such as at a Tresillian or Karitane Family Care centre) for mums and babies needing a break.
  • In-hospital psychiatric visits
  • Total Health for Hospital early discharge program

Complete Ancillary Cover:

  • Chiro / Physio / Massage for parents and baby
  • Prescribed Pregnancy Vitamins
  • Psychology visits
  • Home Nursing visits (ordered by your doctor)
  • Midwife confinement, if not using an Obstetrician
    (For services not covered by Medicare).

Posted: December 20 2016