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AHCL and ACA Health Benefits Fund update

Many will be aware that Adventist HealthCare Limited (AHCL made up of the San and San Day Surgery Hornsby) is in dispute with Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA) regarding contract renewal due 1 December 2021. AHSA are a buying group who represent 25 private health insurers. The contracts with AHSA member health funds are due to expire 7 Feb 2022. AHCL and ACA Health Benefits Fund (ACA HBF) are both entities of the Adventist Church with many common goals and objectives in how we serve our community. ACA HBF is the Fund for the employees of AHCL (employees of the Adventist Church organisations and their families).

While AHCL and ACA HBF have been caught up in the broader dispute with AHSA, we are committed to ensure that ACA HBF members be able to continue to access care at the San and San Day Surgery Hornsby without disruption. Therefore, we are pleased to confirm that AHCL & ACA HBF will not be going out of contract on 7 February 2022. This means, for ACA HBF members there will be no interruption to your ability to continue to access the San and San Day Surgery Hornsby whilst these matters are resolved. ACA HBF will remain a member fund of AHSA. We regret any distress or concern that has been caused by these matters.


For further information, call 1300 368 390.

Brett Goods                         Jody Burgoyne

CEO, AHCL                           Fund Manager, ACA Heath Benefits Fund


Posted: February 2 2022