Q: Where do I find out the latest news and events for ACA Health?


We regularly update our website with exciting news. We also keep in contact with our members through monthly newsletters and other publications, so make sure you have your email details up to date.

Q: Where do the profits go?


We invest 100% of our profits back into making our policies better so our valued members are happier. You and your family are at the core of everything we do, rather than the focus being on what benefits the shareholders, Governments or overseas investors.

Q: What are the values and ethics of the fund?


It is our focus on “ethics before profits” which means you can be confident that we are always here to assist and support you, when and where you need it most.

Q: What kind of support does ACA Health offer?


ACA Health provides you with the support you need by offering well-priced, quality products and benefits of up to four times your annual premium. In addition, you will find that our benefit payments on claims are over double that of other health funds.

Our support extends to exceptional local customer service, online membership management plus the peace-of-mind knowing that we are here to assist you to receive the services you require when you need them.

Q: Why choose ACA Health?


We care about our valued members and not profits, giving 100% of the surplus back to you. We provide extras that pay up to twice as much as the big three health funds on optical, dental and orthodontic.

You make the decision on the health provider you need to see and the type of treatment you receive. We are all about choices, value for money, great service and providing you with peace of mind.